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Toddlers are amazing, aren’t they? You must have probably remembered your personal experience or witnessed other parent’s. Every stage of a child’s growth and development is unique, and here in our Montessori School in Rockville, Maryland, we highlight this uniqueness with our Transitional Two’s programs.

So you can better support your toddler’s learning experiences at home, it will be helpful to gain idea on their specialties so that you can leverage on these to build a good learning foundation. Your toddler’s learning characteristics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • PHYSICAL LEARNINGAs soon as your child reaches the 2-year mark, their toddler years begin. Their most prominent learning involves physical discoveries. They will learn that they can run, climb, and jump at liberty. They learn that they can kick, bounce, and shoot a ball. They learn that they can pull things or toys around even while they’re walking. They will learn to dance along with some music or singing.

    In our center for Day Care in Rockville, Maryland, we take advantage of this stage to get the child to do these things while gaining learning in return. As they hold on to balls or toys for instance, they can get acquainted with the colors and hear their names. Consequently, the toddler gets to remember new words and ideas.

  • COGNITIVE LEARNINGThe toddler’s imagination also begins to develop at this stage. This is an ideal time to do a pretend play with the toddler as they can already participate while at the same time, gain further learning about letters, numbers, or words. For instance, you can pretend that you’re under the sea while they’re in a bathtub. You can take water animals with you and your child will remember that some animals only survive in the water.
  • LANGUAGE LEARNINGYour toddler’s language development also increases at this stage. They don’t just mimic the way you speak to them, but they also remember the names of objects and how these are used in conversations. They can tell you that they want to play with the yellow ball or that they want to go outside to swing. Nurture this language learning by continually talking to your child and responding to them as though they are sensible individuals to talk to.
  • SOCIAL LEARNINGThe toddler also begins to learn from other children and gains interest in being with other tots. While some toddlers still don’t get to say the correct words, they can also follow through what other children say and do. We know how valuable this characteristic is so we nurture this through our Montessori-based inter-age environment of Early Childhood Education.

There are indeed a lot of surprises and learning adventure for our toddlers, especially if we know how to properly nurture them. Our team at Norbeck Montessori will be your ever partners in honing your child’s overall potential.

If you’re interested in learning more about our programs, do inquire from us.

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