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As you step inside a Norbeck Montessori classroom you will immediately notice and feel the fundamental teachings of Dr. Maria Montessori. A sense of order and purpose focusing on a love of learning, a strong work ethic, creativity, respect, and compassion for others.

Our multi-aged classrooms are arranged by the teachers to encourage independence, freedom within limits and harmony. We regard our teachers as environmental engineers, whereby they observe each child and adjust the classroom environment to suite their individual needs throughout the school year.  

Transitional Two’s Toddler Program

(ages 24-36 months)
The joy a two-year-old brings to your day is like nothing else. Their abundant curiosity, their never-ending supply of energy and their love for learning new things is apparent in everything they do and say. At Norbeck Montessori’s Transitional Two’s Toddler Program, we embrace those traits and nurture the child’s innate personality. Click here to learn more about Norbeck’s new Transitional Two’s toddler program.  

Preschool / Primary Montessori Program

(ages 3-5 years old)
Our multi-age Primary Classrooms inspire curiosity, discovery and development. Children are drawn to the beautifully crafted Montessori materials on the shelves, which invites each child to take a hands-on approach to learning. Our Montessori materials provide learning pathways that begin with concrete concepts and move to more abstract ways of thinking. Lessons become increasingly more complex, ensuring that the level of challenge continues to meet the child’s needs. Click here to learn more about our Montessori Program.  

Kindergarten Program

(must be 5 years old by September 1st)
spanishThe accredited Norbeck Montessori Kindergarten Program is a full day, comprehensive experience. From their morning Montessori time in the Primary Classroom to their separate afternoon Big K instruction, our kindergarten students are developing academically and socially in ways that only Norbeck can provide. Click here to learn more about our Kindergarten program.  

Spanish Integration

Many studies show that the best time to learn another language is when you are young and in a communicative vs. instructional period. Our Spanish Integration Program option incorporates the Spanish language with instruction in the Montessori curriculum. Norbeck Montessori Summer FunClick here to learn more.  

Summer Camp

Jump, celebrate, invent, groove, and create the biggest messes ever at Summer Camp! Our young campers will build new friendships while many of our primary aged campers will return to Norbeck Montessori to be reunited with old friends. Click here to learn more about our Summer Camp program.  

Extra-Curricular Activities

Extra-curricular activities are optional activities offered at various times throughout the school year at Norbeck Montessori. Our Extra-curricular activities are meant to enhance the cognitive, physical and social development. Some of our kid and parent approved activities include physical activities, while others actively engage their brainpower! The activities are designed to provide additional opportunities for growth and development without having to leave the school grounds. By offering and encouraging a deeper exploration of the world, your child will increase their engagement and develop their own personal areas of interest.

Activities include:

  • Soccer
  • Karate
  • Gymnastics / Dance
  • Yoga
  • Little Chefs Cooking Class 

Click here to learn more about our Extra-Curricular Activities.