Welcome To Norbeck Montessori

We believe that children are motivated to learn from within. They are driven by a natural curiosity and love for knowledge. At Norbeck Montessori, we foster each child’s unique learning potential and allow them to do this at his or her own pace. A warm, loving, well-prepared environment, allows each individual to grow and thrive.

Established in 1975, Norbeck Montessori offers a nurturing, early child development program for children ages two through six. Located in Rockville, just a few minutes from Olney, we have plenty of beautiful outdoor spaces for play and the observation of nature.


We recognize that there are other preschool options, however, no one else can offer the unique benefits Norbeck Montessori can. We help your child grow, explore, learn and imagine from transitional two’s through Kindergarten.

   ✓  Family owned & operated for over 40 years
   ✓  Hands on learning with Montessori materials in every classroom
  ✓  Proven reading program
  ✓  Art enrichment program
  ✓  Spanish integration program
  ✓  Optional extra-curricular activities
  ✓  Extended day programs
  ✓  Summer camp



Norbeck Montessori is recognized by the state of Maryland as a private Montessori school. Our instructional program is fully accredited by the Maryland State Board of Education and the child care program is licensed by the Maryland Office of Child Care.
✓ Transitional Two’s Toddler Program;
    ages 24-36 months
✓ Preschool / Primary Program; ages 3-5
✓ Kindergarten Program; age 5 by September 1st