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Pre-Primary Program

We embrace your little ones’ curiosity and nurture their innate personality


Pre-Primary PROGRAM

Our Pre-Primary Program in Rockville is designed with early preschool age (two- and three-year-old) children in mind. Songs, stories, simplified Montessori materials, and a gentler pace foster the natural curiosity that toddlers possess. This is a two-year-old preschool your child will love!

Through love, patience, and understanding, our toddler and early preschool program creates a home away from home for your child. Using Maria Montessori’s philosophy towards learning Norbeck Montessori creates an academic environment in which your child will develop a true love for learning.


Starting Preschool in Our Classroom

Our toddlers truly love their school environment at Norbeck Montessori! Everything in our Transitional Two’s early preschool classrooms is tailored for little hands and bodies, from small chairs in reading nooks to low shelves designed with spry two-year-olds in mind.

In this fun and dynamic environment, Norbeck Montessori’s two- and three-year-old preschool program focuses on developing an independent, caring child who has a strong foundation in the Montessori way of teaching.

Our toddler rooms are well lit and fully equipped with areas for both group and individual activities. When visiting our early preschool classroom, you may see the class in a small group with a teacher learning sounds, colors, numbers or shapes.

Or, you may see children sitting by themselves using tongs or tweezers to sort objects by color, working on their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. No matter what fun activity they’re doing, all lessons and materials fill a specific need for your toddler’s growth.



Toddler & Early Preschool Curriculum

Toddlers at Norbeck Montessori in Rockville will learn Practical Life lessons, such as how to hang up their jacket, how to put away their belongings independently, how to greet their friends and teachers, and how to clean up after themselves.

During lesson time, you may find your preschool child concentrating as they carefully pour rice from one container to another, or they may be learning to read and write.

Our two-year-old preschool students move freely and independently through the room without needing an adult to help them. Movement activities are built into the day to keep them active. Lifting, walking, carrying, and sitting are all focused on in connection with their “work.”

Snack time and circle time are terrific opportunities for your preschool child to practice manners and courtesy. Sitting quietly and listening to a story, helping their friend clean up when they have a spill, and many other skills are practiced daily as we prepare your child for the next stage of their Montessori journey—the Primary classroom.


Norbeck Montessori Preschool to help Your Child’s Growth

At Norbeck Montessori, we believe that clear communication with parents is essential to the child’s well-being. It is particularly important during the early preschool years when children reach and surpass many developmental milestones.

Our preschool teachers keep a daily log of your child’s basic activities, which we share with you on a regular basis so that you are informed and confident that you know how your child is progressing.

We understand how valuable regular communication is at the preschool age, so we’re happy to take these extra steps.




What Parents Say

We believe that clear communication with parents is essential to the child’s wellbeing. It is particularly important during the early preschool years when children reach and surpass many developmental milestones. Naturally, we work diligently to help each of the children to be best taken care of.  That is the reason why the parents give us  best reviews. Here are a few of them.

Stacey Guedes
Stacey Guedes
My children have been at Norbeck for 5 years and our experience has been nothing but amazing. They are treated and cared for with love and respect. They enjoy going to school every day and have learned how to be independent children both in the classroom and in every day life. They have grown to be upstanding and courteous young ladies
fiorella pasara
fiorella pasara
This place is amazing! When we were looking for a daycare or preschool where to send our 3 year old back then, we did some research and went to different places and realize this was the only one where you could see the kids and the teachers happy and having a great time (remember that's the environment you want your kids to grow in). So we decided for Norbeck and that was the best decision ever! Our son had the best experience during his 4 years there. We even kept him in the Kindergarten program (AMAZING). He learned so much and grew emotionally and socially as well. Great foundation and such a loving atmosphere for the kids. I could not recommend a better place. And BTW did I said he learned reading by 4 years and has started 1st grade knowing addition, subtraction and multiplication? Yep that's how great this place is :)
Nisha Patel
Nisha Patel
Norbeck Montessori has been the most amazing experience for us! Our daughter has been there for over a year and absolutely loves it. The teachers are amazing and make you and your child feel welcome, nurtured and loved! And, the lessons they do on a daily basis are so fun and educational at the same time. Definitely recommend to any parents looking for a positive and warm environment for their kids, and be prepared to be part of a small and loving family!
Melanie Deal
Melanie Deal
What would I have done without Norbeck? This is my daughter's second year and every day I am more and more amazed about how much she is learning. She is only 4 years old and she is able to read, write and count to 100. The activities that the school coordinates through the year nurtures a sense of community/family, events include Halloween parade, Thanksgiving feast, Christmas song festival and much more! She loves her school, teachers and friends. I highly recommend this school.
Reese Alutto-Schmidt
Reese Alutto-Schmidt
Our son has had a wonderful experience at Norbeck. The teachers and staff are incredibly energetic and positive -- they are uniformly dedicated to nurturing and teaching kids. Everyone clearly loves their jobs. The school's parent community is welcoming and active for those parents that are interested. We plan to send our second child next year!
Laura Calderone
Laura Calderone
We love Norbeck! The staff are amazing taking care of our children like warm and nurturing parents and help guide them on their educational journey. Our 5 year old is already reading, doing fractions and loves the science class. Our 3 year old knows Spanish phrases and can write his own name. Your child will cultivate incredible skills and gain all the tools they need to be driven, focusing amazing people.
Lesley Lightfoot
Lesley Lightfoot
My son has only been with Norbeck Montessori for 2.5 months (at the time of this review). The progress, and noticed development that has happened during that time has been incredible for my husband and I to see. He has grown socially, physically, and mentally, all thanks to what is offered at the school from the moment of drop off, until we see him at the end of the day. We feel assured that he is with Norbeck Montessori.
Beth Davis
Beth Davis
Norbeck Montessori is one of those rare places where children can go to learn in a loving and supportive environment full of enrichment opportunities and amazing teachers. Norbeck has been a part of our family for nearly three decades. As a Norbeck alumni, I would not want to see my kids anywhere else. My children started attending the school ten years ago, when my oldest was 2 ½, and we have remained in the Norbeck family as each of our children has grown to preschool age. In the past ten years we have had three children attend Norbeck, one of whom is in the Jr. K program this year. Today, many of the same kind and smiling faces of teachers we have known for years welcome us with open arms each morning. Tara and Ryan along with Keira have done an amazing job of revamping the program and adding fresh new extracurricular programs like soccer, gymnastics and cooking classes. Norbeck is not only an amazing environment for children to learn and grow, it is a true community atmosphere where families come together and form lifelong friendships. Some of my closest friendships started at Norbeck and my oldest daughter is still very close friends with several of the friends she made at Norbeck over ten years ago. A first grade teacher from our local elementary school recently approached me and said “Your daughter is a Norbeck kid, isn’t she?" When I confirmed, she continued, saying "I can tell. The kids from that school come in here heads and shoulders above so many other kids. Not only are they working at higher levels in reading and math, they have a strong grasp of science and an appreciation for art and music that we don’t see coming out of other programs.” And it is true. Sending our kids to Norbeck has been an investment in their future. My oldest, who is now in 7th grade, and my second child, now in 1st, are both receiving accelerated instruction in all subjects. I cannot say enough great things about this amazing school that has contributed so much to the education and enrichment of my family.

Preschool Tours & Applications for Norbeck Montessori

Are you ready to see us in action? Or do you just have a few more questions? Either way, we would love to speak with you. Visit our Info and Tours page to contact us or schedule a tour.

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Enrollment opens every January for the upcoming summer and fall sessions and we take applicants on a first come first served basis.

Is Norbeck Montessori Near Me?

Although our Montessori school is located in Rockville, we have kindergarten students who come from surrounding areas, including Aspen Hill, Colesville, Gaithersburg, Glenmont, Norbeck, Olney, Shady Grove, Silver Spring, Wheaton, and nearby areas of Montgomery County.

Stop by and see our Norbeck Montessori school in action.

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Spanish Enrichment

Our Spanish-English bilingual preschool and kindergarten classrooms offer a traditional Montessori experience in an environment that integrates both languages.

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Our Fine Arts Program is a fun and exciting way for our students to explore their creativity while learning about different art movements, materials, and historical figures.

Extra Curricular

After an exciting day of learning, we provide our students with the opportunity to explore new interests and interact with their classmates outside of our typical daytime learning program.
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