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Good reading skill enhances your child’s emotional and intellectual development. It will help set them up for success later in life! As your child learns to read, you can help improve their abilities. Here’s how you can do that:


  • Build a reading routineA reading habit will increase your child’s reading comprehension, vocabulary skills, recognize new vocabulary, and more. At daycare, they will also have many reading materials to explore, but continuous reading at home helps build speed and comprehension skills. As they progress, you can continue to read together at night or during the day.
  • Read regularlyTo encourage your child to read, build a bookshelf for them and designate a reading space at home! This way, they are not limited to reading at a preschool in Maryland. As they get home, a reading area will motivate them to read regularly and make it a daily habit!
  • Find books they loveFind out which books your child enjoys while enrolled in an early childhood education program. This way, you can buy books they love and put them on their shelves! Knowing the materials your kids enjoy reading will help you be on the same track as them, getting them more excited to read each day!

Are you looking for a Montessori school in Rockville, Maryland? Norbeck Montessori is here for you! Our programs are tailored to help improve your child’s reading, communication, social, and physical skills, and more! We are your partner in building your child’s lifelong love of learning. Our classrooms are lovable, safe, and comfortable! Do you want to learn more about our programs? Contact us today!

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