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Our Montessori School in Rockville, Maryland highly believes in the effective role that parents play in their child’s life, not only with their growth, but also with their learning. In fact, we have arranged different kinds of activities for moms, dads, and parent figures of our children to nurture this participative factor in a child’s overall development.

In this post, we would like to highlight the crucial role that parents play when it comes to how the child learns and develops quickly here in our Montessori School in Maryland.

  • Learning ModelFrom infancy to the years before a child enters preschool, you are your child’s first ever teacher. Whatever learning foundation they establish is mostly influenced by the way you coach them towards learning. You are their role model towards quality learning, so whatever you’re passionate to learn about, your child will most likely adapt it, too.
  • Reinforced LearningParents also play the vital role of supplementing and reinforcing their child’s learning in school. We greatly recognize this role in our Preschool in Maryland, and for that reason, we always coordinate with the parents of our students so that their child’s learning activities can also be practiced at home. When the parents know what to do, they can be effective reinforcement of learning.
  • Learning with EnthusiasmFor children, fun is key element in everything they do. With this, children also need to see that their learning experience is something they can have fun with. When they also see that their parents are having fun with them regarding their school activities, they will have more enthusiasm about their learning growth.
  • ConnectorParents also serve as the child’s bridge to their surroundings so that their learning development will have a touch of reality. While children get to learn about animals, trees, and people through books and lessons, they will get to have actual experience and exploration with these things when the parents make it happen. Family events such as trips to the zoo or park are ideal scenarios so parents can connect their child with the surroundings.
  • Supporter and CheererThe learning growth of a child is truly vast and wide when they are confident that their parents are gladly supporting and cheering for them. Even toddlers feel more confident in building their blocks when they see and hear their parents clapping for them. Your support continues to spur them to gain a deeper interest in the things they’re learning about.

Parental role is indeed very special and this is what we always value at Norbeck Montessori. We acknowledge that we only serve as your partners in nurturing your children, but you really are at the forefront of it all. While we prepare different kinds of activities to make learning practices worthwhile for the pre-schoolers, we also recognize that their learning growth is deeper and more stable when they have your backing.

Would you like to know how else our Montessori curriculum can better equip your child? Ask us for enrollment.

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