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As we all know, each child learns in different ways and at their own pace. Personally, I find it so incredible that using Montessori Method, we observe how each of our students learn and use that to teach them a particular concept. I know I may be a bit bias but we truly have some amazing teachers here at Norbeck Montessori. What is most unique, is that each uses his or her own creative way to teach a new concept to their amazing students.

In Mr. Denis’ Big K class they learn about so many things, it’s hard to keep track. One that always stands out for me is learning about the volcanoes! Having worked with Denis before and also having my son in his room, I can tell you firsthand just how much the kids loved learning about volcanos. They especially loved getting the chance to build and erupt their very own volcano on “Mt. Norbeck”. In addition, Mr. Denis had them make their own lava lamps, which went with the volcano unit. When exploring colors, Mr. Denis had the children blow in cups and make bubbles. As the bubbles popped, some of the colors combined and made a new color. The children definitely loved doing this experiment. For a new spin on fractions, Mr. Denis threw a “Fraction Pizza Party” and for reading fun, he introduced them to a recipe and had them follow directions to make ketchup.

In Ms. Melissa’s and Ms. Anastasia’s Jr. K classes, they reinforce the concept of money by hosting a movie day, restaurant day, and grocery store. Each child is given a wallet filled with money to pay for items they want during each of these activities. The children in the Jr. K program also studied apples; tasting, collecting data, and graphing information on their favorites! Additionally, they learned the science of making applesauce AND we even had some incredible parents who made us some delicious apple treats to share with the class. All the classes learned about colors and each classroom did different demonstrations in how mixing certain colors make new colors. In Ms. Melissa’s Jr. K class, they had the primary colors in a plastic bag and then blended the colors together to see what new colors they would get. While in Ms. Anastasia’s Jr. K class, they used a mixing container to blend two separate colors into one.

These are just a few of the hundreds of different lessons that the teachers have used to demonstrate or teach a new concept in a fun and attention grabbing way. I am always amazed at the different things they do in and outside the classrooms. As I have the opportunity to walk around the classrooms in the afternoon, I’m so inspired by each of our teachers and all the unique ways they teach our little ones.

The pictures that you will see are from different things that the children have been doing in the Big K and Jr K classrooms and give a glimpse of the creative ways the teachers teach different concepts.

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