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Popsicle Playdate Ever wonder who your little ones new best friend is? Better yet, who that friends parents are? Well, Norbeck’s Popsicle Playdate is the perfect opportunity to find the answers to those questions. Held in both the fall and spring, this fun evening gives parents a chance to meet their child’s friends and their parents and possibly start to build new lasting friendship. This is just our second year hosting these events and it is always a huge turnout. Many of our parents do not get to see each other or get to meet some of their child’s friends especially since everyone’s schedule is all different. These events allow for a casual meet and greet with plenty of time for all families to come and go.

Our Spring Popsicle Playdate was held yesterday Thursday, April 21 and once again, we had a great turnout. The children played on the playground and ate some yummy popsicles with their buddies; while the parents got to chat with each other and possibly meet new friends and families.

Thank you to all the families who were able to come out and enjoy some time here at Norbeck! We cannot wait to do it all again in the Fall!

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