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Knowing how children change over time is essential for parents and providers of child care in Rockville, Maryland. The ones studying child development focus on the behavior of children in an attempt to understand the changes and offer a better approach to teaching.

  • Identifying cognitive and behavioral patterns
    From an infant to a school-age child, there are significant changes being identified as a pattern from each stage of development. For instance, a toddler can group colors and shapes while a preschool in Maryland can already name many colors and numbers.
  • Determining the factors of changes
    There are three main things that affect a child’s behavioral change: the genetic influences, the environmental impacts, and the psychological aspects. In a Montessori school, these factors can be observed, such as children’s personality, their likes and wants, and their family background.

To make sure that your kid is guided in his or her development, you may enroll your child in a learning center or a summer camp in Maryland. Child care professionals are your partners in the growth of your children and in preparing them for higher education.

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