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Let your two-year-old toddler take the first step of learning as they prepare themselves for preschool. Our child care in Rockville, Maryland is made to create a nurturing environment for your dear toddler since we understand how they act and behave during this transitional period. With our Transitional Two’s Toddler Preschool Program here in Norbeck Montessori, we can help your child achieve a better early preschool experience and develop a true love for learning. Handling toddlers who are under the transitional period can be quite tricky and challenging. But you, as a parent, should not worry about anything as we have carefully selected toddler teachers who possess nurturing temperaments. We also made sure to make classrooms in our Montessori School as fun and dynamic, inviting, safe, and efficient for your toddlers. The room has specialized playground equipment, provided with sufficient lighting, and fully equipped with the necessary fun and learning materials. Also, everything inside is customized to accommodate toddlers. With our fun activities, which include songs, stories, and other simplified Montessori materials, your child can explore, learn, develop, and grow at a gentler pace. Our toddler and early preschool programs create a nurturing and safe environment for your child to grow independently. Enroll them to our Transitional Two’s Program and let them build a strong foundation for learning before they proceed to our preschool in Maryland for more advanced and fun learning. Besides Transitional Two’s Program, we also have other Montessori School programs that you can choose from. Among which is the summer camp in Maryland that provides your child with a continuous learning experience. For more information, contact us at 301-363-7009
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