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Norbeck was filled with our little ones dressed in green to make sure that they wouldn’t get pinched! We had a lot of fun trying to catch those silly Leprechauns, somehow they were able to get inside without us knowing and cause a ruckus! Clocks turned upside down, chairs strewn throughout, and even calendar numbers in all the wrong places. Footprints were found in some classrooms and those sneaky Leprechauns even used our bathrooms and forgot to flush the toilet! We know what they were trying to find and it was gold… so the children had an idea, what if we put some gold rocks in a pot, do you think we can trick those sneaky Leprechauns into thinking it was real gold? It worked! They took the gold rocks and in turn gave us some yummy candy that were put in your child’s backpack for them to eat when the time was right. The fun didn’t end there, however, everyone enjoyed a St. Patrick’s Day inspired snack; bagels with green cream cheese, green grapes, carrots, decorated cookies, green apples, and even green juice. We couldn’t have pulled the party off without the help from our wonderful parents who continue to support us, ensuring that our children always have a great time at these parties and we thank you so much for that!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all!
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