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Last night was an exciting night for our children as they became the teachers in the classroom! Each child got a chance to pick three of their favorite lessons to show one of their parents and “teach” them how to do those lessons. It is a fun way for parents to see what their child is working on in their classrooms and it gives the child an opportunity to become the teacher as they guide them through each lesson. I personally love doing these nights because it gives me a chance to see what my son is working on in the classroom and it also gives me a chance just to be a parent and not a teacher. It is so rewarding to see how other parents engage with their children as they become the students and learn from their little ones.

Norbeck has two parent/child nights each year so that each parent or another special adult in the child’s life can experience what they have been working on. Once the children are finished demonstrating their lessons they have an opportunity to introduce one of their classmates. We encourage the children to pick a friend that their parents may not know so that they better understand their child’s social circles. This has become one of the ways that Norbeck families can get to know one another.

Thank you to all the parents who came last night and participated in our Parent/Child Night! This is a very important event for the children and it meant a lot to them!

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