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One of the concepts that Dr. Maria Montessori, the founder of the eponymous educational system that Norbeck Montessori employs, taught early on is independence for the child. If you take time to observe us or any Montessori school in Maryland, you will find that many of the activities utilized in these schools are focused on helping the child learn independence. They are given puzzles that they are allowed to solve on their own. Teachers only come in to steer the child towards the answer, but not to answer it for them. One of the reasons that any Montessori preschool in Maryland focuses on independence is that learning this skill early on makes the child more confident as he or she grows up. Confidence helps avoid conditions like anxiety, shyness, and, to an extent, depression in the future. All this is only possible if the child has been taught to be self-reliant and independent early. Another benefit to having an independent child is that independence also develops social skills. If a child gains independence early, he or she is more inclined towards pulling others up with them. Sociability is also an important trait that will tide them well later in life, which they can also learn during summer camp in Maryland. If you trust us with your needs for child care in Rockville, Maryland, we can assure you that we’re working side by side with you in developing a child to gain independence, to be more confident and be a contributing member of society when they grow up.
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