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We are all aware that a child’s development is at its peak at a young age between 2 to 6 years. The lessons we instill in them is crucial as it can impact the foundation of their growth and learning akin to constructing a building where the foundation is the most important part of the building. One important factor of a child’s development is integrating everyday living skills or practical living into their learning. As a dedicated Montessori school promotes independent learning, helping children practice everyday living skills develops their sense of responsibility and offers an alternative to psycho-motor activities, important factors when they grow old.

The best example of practical living skills is doing household chores like sweeping and dusting to name a few. A preschool in Maryland integrates everyday living skills in its curriculum and that’s Norbeck Montessori. With having the goal of encouraging the discovery of each child’s unique potential and enriching them with important lessons and experiences they need to develop into adulthood, the school is dedicated and passionate to provide the best learning experience that a child will acquire in their development stage.

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