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Community service projects strengthen our Norbeck Montessori school and help our students connect with our local community. At Norbeck Montessori, we guide our students to be socially responsible global citizens. By doing so, our children are caring and empathetic, capable of thinking beyond themselves. Montessori teachers know that community service projects help develop and educate the whole child. Students learn the joys of giving and develop a sense of compassion through real, practical life experiences.

comfort cases

Recently, one of our students was sent 10 backpacks from his great aunt, with inspirational hashtags embroidered on them. Her intent was to have him deliver them to a local charity, Comfort Cases- one that is close to his heart and ours. Rather than just giving the bags, he and his family thought it would be even better if the bags could be delivered full! So, we ask others at school if they wanted to donate items for the backpack. Needless to say, the families of Norbeck Montessori stepped up the task. Each backpack received a blanket, pajamas, a coloring book, crayons, a book, a hygiene kit, and a cozy stuffed animal to greet them when open the bag. The results of the Norbeck Montessori community coming together in support of this wonderful charity was simply amazing!

Thank you to each of the families that were able to donate. Comfort Cases was very appreciative to receive such a wonderful donation.

About Comfort Cases:
Comfort Cases supports children entering the foster care system. They believe that every child has the right to a more humane experience in foster care, and it begins with providing them with a comfort case packed with essential items.

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