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Norbeck was a sea of red, pink, and purple to celebrate Valentine’s Day! Both our big and little Cupids worked so hard on Valentine projects in order to make the classroom festive for their party. The children were so excited to bring in their special Valentine cards and give them out to their friends today. It was a fun filled morning with lots of celebrating, some dancing, lots of yummy goodies which were provided by some of our amazing parents, and just an all-around fun with each other.

The children came in to their classrooms ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day! They were able to enjoy goodies like Valentine cookies, fruit punch, strawberries, red grapes, red Jello-O, and Mini-Bagels for their snack. After snack, they all delivered their Valentine cards to each of their friends, receiving even more goodies like, candy, stickers, and Valentine novelty- all they get to open when they get home. It was a fun filled morning for the children and the teachers and we would like to thank our parents and our children all the love you all show us not only during this time of year but every day.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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