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Having an imaginary friend is a normal manifestation for many children on various stages of development. In fact, according to a study conducted by the University of Minnesota’s Institute of Child Development in 2004, by the age of 7, 65 percent of children will have experienced having an imaginary friend. A co-author of the study, Stephanie Carlson, says that the prime time for having imaginary friends is from the ages 3 to 11.

Although psychologists agree that the existence of imaginary friends should not stir any concern in parents, what is more of a mystery is what prompts children to create these personas or why some children conceive them, and some don’t.

As a trusted and reliable provider of Child Care in Rockville, Maryland, we at Norbeck Montessori believe that imaginary friends are a symptom of a good-developing social intelligence in a child. For them to create imaginary peers, they must understand that each persona possesses beliefs and desires that differ from their own. This concept is called “theory of mind.”

Preschool in Maryland is the best way to cultivate your child’s social and developmental skills.

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