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Dress Like Mom or Dad Day!


We thought it would be really cute for the kids to come to school dressed like their mom, dad or any special person in their life. As we all know, the adults in a child’s life help shape to who they are; regardless if it is a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, or even a teacher or other mentor. Today, it was adorable to see so many of the children dress up like the special people in their lives. Some came in dressed as doctors, in sports attire, wearing scrubs, and several arrived wearing suits or shirt and tie! During morning gathering time, we had all the children that participated, tell us why they chose that person and who they were. It made all of us realize just how much these children look up to the adults in their lives and how very important it is to carry ourselves and handle things in a way that is appropriate- as we have little eyes and ears looking and hearing to everything we are doing. As the most important people in our children’s lives, it is important that we conduct ourselves in a way we would want them to handle themselves. We may not always realize it but our children (whether our own or children we come across in our lives) look up to us and mimic what we do. There have been several occasions when a parent would come up to me and say “she was pretending to be you yesterday while playing with her brother” or “the other day she was pretending to teach her teddy bears their sounds just like you do”. I was so touched and flattered that these children, who we are often with 6-8 hours out of the day, pretend to be like us. When we asked the children in our classroom who they dressed up like and why they chose that person, it just made me realize that these beautiful children love you, their parents, just as much as you love them. It’s moments like these that make what we all do, including all you do, worth it! Remember to not sweat the small stuff and make memories with your child that you will both cherish forever!

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