Why Choose Norbeck Montessori

By embracing the most fundamental teachings of Dr. Maria Montessori, our classrooms consistently offer children the opportunity to choose from a variety of purposeful and sequentially developed lessons. These lessons build upon the individual skills and knowledge the child is acquiring at every age level. We recognize that growth and development occur as their interests lead them from one level of complexity to another. The multi-aged classrooms provide the younger children with a series of models for imitation and building social skills. The older children have the opportunity to reinforce their knowledge by assisting the younger ones and deepening lifelong leadership skills.

The early learning experiences, as well as the people involved in their daily lives, have an important influence on the development of positive attitudes in the educational, social, emotional and physical aspects of your child. The growth and development of your child can best be achieved through a parent-teacher partnership with open communication. Norbeck Montessori offers several ways for parents to stay connected; parent-teacher conferences and observation of your child in their classroom may be scheduled at any time, and parent involvement in special classroom activities is always appreciated.

We know that a safe, loving, nurturing environment is essential for the well-being of each child. This is the foundation of our Montessori program. Our staff is dedicated to providing an atmosphere and environment of security as well as an outstanding instructional program to meet the needs of you and your child.

Our mission is to not only build upon each child's academic skill set but to also help each of them grow positively. We know that their brains are growing at rapid rates and therefore require the appropriate educational environment; one that will have positive and long-term effects. Introducing these positive effects early on enables them to become permanent parts of their lives- something they can carry on through all the stage of life.

We help children grow positively by teaching them the values and habits of their environment. Using Montessori methodologies, they are shown how to place things into categories and relationships that are useful in discovering and learning their surroundings. Such as:

  • how things work
  • the real from the pretend
  • their own personal interests and talents
  • personal boundaries
  • self-discipline
  • enough independence to ask their questions and to think about the events in their world
  • to appreciate the natural laws which govern our planet
  • how to use their imaginations positively to adapt and to contribute