Transitional Two'sTransitional Two's - A Toddler Program at Norbeck Montessori

The joy a two-year-old brings to your day is like nothing else.  Their abundant curiosity, their never-ending supply of energy and their love for learning new things is apparent in everything they do and say.  At Norbeck Montessori, we embrace those traits and nurture the child’s innate personality. 

Norbeck Students Giving HugsOur Transitional Two’s program is designed with only the 24-36 month old child in mind.  From the small chairs in the reading nook to the uncluttered, low shelving units you know that this classroom is home away from home. Everything is specifically meant for little hands and bodies.

But don’t be fooled, just because their bodies are little that doesn’t mean the learning is little.  This preschool program focuses on developing an independent, caring child who has a strong foundation in the Montessori way of teaching.  Your child Norbeck Students Being Introduced to a Lessonwill learn how to hang up their jacket and put away their belongings, how to greet their friends and teachers and how to clean up after themselves.  During lesson time you may find your child concentrating as they carefully pour rice from one container to another, trying not to spill.  Or you may see them in a small group with a teacher learning sounds, colors, number or shapes.  In another moment you may see your child using tongs or tweezers to sort objects by color, working on fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

A Norbeck Student Learning the Pink TowerSnack time and circle time are terrific opportunities for your child to practice grace and courtesy.  Sitting quietly listening to a story or helping their friend clean up when the have a spill.  All of these skills and more are practiced daily as we prepare your child for the next stage of their Montessori journey – the Primary classroom (ages 3-6).

We believe that each and every child has an amazing ability to learn and grow.  Our purpose is to provide the proper learning materials so your child can thrive and be successful.  Through love, patience and understanding Norbeck creates a home away from home for your child to be a child.  Through Montessori practice and philosophy Norbeck creates an academic environment in which your child will grow a love for learning.