Extracurricular Activities

The fun does not stop at Norbeck Montessori, after an exciting day of learning we provide our students the opportunity to explore new interests and interact with schoolmate’s outside of the day program. After an exciting day of learning our Primary Preschoolers and Kindergartners have the opportunity to explore new interests and interact with schoolmates outside of the daytime program. Each year our third party extracurricular activities may vary, below is a sample of the amazing programs we have offered in the past.

Little Chefs Cooking Class

Does your child like to help you in the kitchen? Do you enjoy their enthusiasm, but dread the mess? Let Relish Catering make the mess in the Little Chefs Cooking Class. Our little chefs will embark on a journey into pastry making, baking pretzels, and making pizza, chocolate candies, pasta, and much more! As the children enjoy the fruits of their labor, they will also learn about general nutrition, the different kinds of food, what they like and don’t like, the basics of food preparation, and kitchen safety.

>>Check out the Little Chefs Cooking Class in action!


This Karate program incorporates all of the protocol and disciplines of a typical martial arts studio, but in a unique, fun manner for our three to six year olds. By participating the children will learn about respect, self-control, hand/eye coordination, concentration, and goal setting. The physical benefits are profound, as children will practice kicking, punching, blocking, stretching, and jumping during each interactive class.

Step Forward Sports Soccer

Whether your child is new to soccer or has already developed a love for the game, they will benefit from our soccer program. Step Forward Sports Soccer program is a creative, high energy and age-appropriate
introduction to soccer. The program is designed to help your child master developmental milestones, appropriate for their age. Step Forward Sports focuses on teaching methods designed to create an atmosphere that is fun and engaging. At the end of each session, you will see happy, confident and sweaty kids who are eager to come back for more.