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Transitional Two's

Have you heard the exciting news? Norbeck has opened a Transitional Two's classroom! Our very own Anna and Theresa will be taking care of our youngest children here at Norbeck. They will be doling out lots of hugs and love while settling the children into a Montessori based program of learning. This program will focus on children two to three years of age. Potty training is not necessary to participate in this program.  In order to provide the attention these youngsters need, we will have a much smaller teacher to student ratio (one teacher to six students).  Availability is limited, call or email for more detail.  For more information visit our Transitional Two's page.

Fine Art ProgramFine Arts Program

This year Norbeck has opened a fine arts program. Mr. Luis, an Art Studio major at the University of Maryland, has developed an exciting curriculum for all of our students.  Each week Mr. Luis travels from room to room allowing our youngsters to participate in the art lesson he has planned.  Not every child is required to do the lesson, however, most of them do!  Mr. Luis uses a variety of art supplies to show our students how to make color, draw, paint, develop fine motor skills, and an overall education about art.  When your child completes an exercise they will bring it home to you to share and display.  When they do, remember to ask them a few questions about the artwork, their answers may surprise you!

Cooking ClassLittle Chefs Cooking Class

Does your child like to help you in the kitchen? Do you enjoy their enthusiasm, but dread the mess?  Let us make the mess here while we learn about foods, nutrition and kitchen safety!

This cooking class will be led by Laura Calderone and Ed Jiloca, Mia’s parents. They are both professional chef’s and have been cooking with their own children for years!  We are so excited to embark on this adventure with them!  Our little chefs will embark on a journey into pastry making, baking pretzels, homemade pizza, chocolate candies, pasta, and much more!  As the children enjoy the fruits of their labor they will also learn about the different kinds of food, what they like and don’t like, and the basics of food preparation.  To learn more about this exciting program visit our video_camera_icon_smallVideos page.

New Workshops

Montessori Education MonthMontessori Education Month

Presenting our 1st Montessori Education Night! Over the years we have heard questions, such as, "What does follow the child mean?", "What is the purpose of what my child is doing?", and quite simply, "What is Montessori?".  Come find out the answers!  We have developed a series of workshops which will be presented throughout the month of October designed to answer these questions.  Each workshop will be presented by one of our lead Montessori teachers and will focus on one of the main areas of Montessori, including Practical Life, Sensorial, Math, and Language.  Each teacher will walk you through the concepts of that area, and show you how the lessons are designed to teach your children.  This will be an interactive experience, and you will be asked to “assist” the teacher!  Workshops will be held on Thursday nights during the months of October from 6:15 to 7:30.  We hope to see you there!