Our Montessori Preschool & Kindergarten Near Olney

At Norbeck Montessori, we love to see our preschool and kindergarten children thrive in their dynamic and supportive learning environment. Not every Montessori program is the same, and at Norbeck Montessori, we take a special focus on encouraging youngsters to fall in love with learning at every stage. From guided learning to imaginative problem-solving, your child will thrive at our Montessori school, located conveniently in the Olney, Maryland area. 

Our Montessori programs include a 2-year-old through 4-year-old preschool program, year-round school programs, STEM programs, and much more. Whether you wish to enroll your child in a private Montessori preschool or kindergarten program in the Olney area, their opportunities to grow are endless. 

Curious about Montessori education? We invite you to tour our school to see for yourself how this educational approach will work for your child!

Why Choose Montessori School?

Choosing a Montessori School in the Olney Area

Montessori is a unique and highly effective positive learning approach that helps young children capture their natural desire and capacity to learn. Unlike traditional preschool programs, students are not pushed through a curriculum before they are ready. Rather, with Montessori, young learners learn at their own pace with individualized, hands-on instruction. The entire learning environment is set up to encourage methodical learning and self-discipline. If you are looking for a preschool program that will create children who love to learn and who have the self-discipline to learn on their own, our Olney Montessori school is the right choice.

Schedule a visit to our Olney Montessori preschool today to see how the active learning environment works.

Preschool & Kindergarten Programs in Olney

The preschool and kindergarten programs at Norbeck Montessori are designed to naturally capture a young learners’ curiosity about the world. This starts with our Transitional Two’s Toddler Preschool Program. This program is for the two- and three-year-old students. It uses songs, stories, and simple Montessori materials to foster a toddler’s natural curiosity.

From there, students graduate to our Primary Preschool Program. This multi-age classroom allows three-, four- and five-year-old students to develop into independent, thoughtful people. Materials and lessons are designed to help children absorb knowledge while they learn to love learning naturally. Students observe their classmates to help guide their own exploration and learning.

Finally, five- and six-year-old students enter our Big K Montessori Kindergarten. This is a natural extension of our preschool program, which includes a morning Montessori time in our multi-age classroom followed by afternoon Montessori kindergarten instruction to prepare students for their future academic success.

Our Montessori School Curriculum

Our Olney preschool and kindergarten programs focus on the philosophy of learning established by Dr. Maria Montessori, who believed that children learn because of natural curiosity and love for knowledge. Our curriculum is divided into five distinct areas. These are:

  • Practical Life – Norbeck Montessori teaches preschool children how to perform life activities, like controlling the body, contributing to the classroom community, pouring liquids, sweeping the floor, and more. Children work hard every day to keep the classroom clean and organized.
  • Sensorial Curriculum – Young learners use their senses to interact with classroom material, learning through sight, touch, taste, smell, and sound. The curriculum builds in opportunities for children to use their senses while building their thinking skills.
  • Language Arts – Norbeck Montessori creates an environment where children are exposed to written and spoken words regularly, moving naturally through the process of acquiring written and spoken language skills.
  • Math – Montessori teaches math as a language, helping preschool and kindergarten students learn to reason, calculate, and estimate. Counting is a key component of this, and as students learn number relationships they can move on to more detailed computations.
  • Cultural Lessons – History, geography, and science are built into cultural lessons. Students are taught how to observe while asking “why” and “how” questions to learn about the world around them.

The best way to understand this curriculum is to observe it in person. Come to see our Montessori curriculum for yourself by observing one of our classroom programs! Schedule a tour.

Why Choose Norbeck as Your Olney Montessori School?

Norbeck Montessori has a safe, comfortable, loving classroom environment that is well stocked with traditional Montessori learning materials. Our Olney Montessori preschool teaches children friendship, respect, kindness, and interdependence, with teachers serving as facilitators to lead individual and small-group instruction while also encouraging collaborative learning.

Schedule your tour today and see the difference that Montessori instruction can make in your child’s life!

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