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Kindergarten is a special time in a child’s life. Norbeck Montessori’s accredited kindergarten program is a full-day, comprehensive Montessori Method experience. From their morning Montessori time to their separate Montessori kindergarten afternoon instruction, our kindergarten students are developing academically and socially in ways that only the Montessori Method can provide. Your child is prepared with individualized academics, critical thinking skills, leadership skills and a confident love of learning. It is this final year at Norbeck Montessori that you and your child will witness the “explosion of learning” that Maria Montessori observed more than 100 years ago.

  • Students know their daily routines
  • Teachers already know them well, and can readily work with to their strengths and encourage them to take on new challenges
  • Re-enforce skills that will lead to perfection
  • Big K students take on a new role within the classroom – one that they have been conscious of for the past two years
  • Students have the opportunity to explore and build leadership skills


Academically, the Montessori kindergarten year is monumental in the life of a child. This third and final year at Norbeck Montessori will be the cornerstone of their love to learn. As they continue working with the Montessori lessons at their own level and pace, their absorbent mind comes to its peak and culminates. This empowering experience breeds self-motivation, confidence and success that launches the student smoothly into more abstract areas of academic study.

All areas of study are explored during the Norbeck Montessori kindergarten year, with the development of the whole child in mind. While this is typical of the Montessori experience, the readiness of our kindergartners allows us to hone valuable learning habits such as concentration, critical thinking, creative self-expression, self-discipline and persistence in completing a task all in a safe, active and fun environment. By the end of their kindergarten year at Norbeck, your child will have a solid educational foundation in which they will likely enter first grade at or above grade level in reading, writing, and math. Even more importantly, perhaps, is that they gain a confident love of learning along with an intuitive understanding of how they learn.

Norbeck Montessor Kindergarten Academics

Montessori Kingergarten Social Academics


Socially, our Big K kids are the leaders and mentors of the classroom. The Montessori experience provides a variety of opportunities for assisting the teachers and younger children with lessons and other needs and functions in the class. Our kindergartners take to this role with a sense of pride and responsibility which helps to mature them in some key ways. First, they learn and practice what it means to be a good leader/mentor – support and cooperation, taking initiative and problem solving to name a few. Secondly, it reinforces their own knowledge and abilities through teaching and sharing with others including each other (the other Big K kids). By the end of their kindergarten year at Norbeck, your child will have significantly developed in their ability as a caring and cooperative leader and friend.

A Day in Big K

A typical day in the life of our oldest children is busy and exciting. The morning part of their day is spent with their morning class as they do now. However, with fresh adventures in learning and their new, important role in the classroom, it is a whole new experience. In the afternoon, the Big K kids from all classes come together as one group. This is a wonderful bonding time for us where we not only reinforce and enrich the learning that goes on in the morning, but there are also unique adventures meant just for them including hands-on science, field trips, special performances and guests, and a monthly Monart Educational Art Class. The kids inspire and challenge each other and develop lasting friendships.

Big K Typcial Day at Norbeck Montessori